Dataset Description

The competition data comprises 110 mathematics problems similar in style to those of the AIME.
The answer to each problem is a non-negative integer, which you should report modulo 1000. If, for instance, you believe the answer to a problem is 2034, your prediction should be 34.
You should expect the difficulty of the problems to be a bit easier than AIME and targeted between AIME and AMC’12 level.
All problems are text-only with mathematical notation in LaTeX. Please see the AIMO Prize - Note on Language and Notation.pdf handout for details on the notational conventions used. Although some problems may involve geometry, diagrams are not used in any problem.
The public test set comprises exactly 50 problems, and the private test set comprises a distinct set of 50 problems. We also provide a selection of 10 problems for use as training data. The problems in the two test sets have been selected to balance both difficulty and subject area.
Please note that this is a Code Competition. We give a few placeholder problems in the publicly visible test.csv file to help you author your submissions. These problems are not meant to be representative of the problems in the actual test set. When your submission is scored, this placeholder test data will be replaced with the actual test data.
Because of the limited number of problems available, we are taking special precautions to secure the test set against probing. Among other things, during the submission period the test set will comprise only the 50 public set problems. Once the competition ends, when we rerun submissions, the test set will comprise only the 50 private set problems. You should attempt to make sure your submission will complete successfully on the 50 new private set problems. This may mean ensuring your submission is robust to unexpected inputs, or managing runtime and memory usage.


  • train.csv – Contains 10 problems for use as training data.
  • test.csv – Contains 50 problems. Please note that the problems visible here are only placeholders. Your submission will have access to the full set of problems during scoring.
  • sample_submission.csv – A sample submission file in the correct format. See the Evaluation page for more information on the submission format.


  • id – A unique identifier for each problem.
  • problem – A statement of the problem to be solved.
  • answer – An integer from 0 to 999.

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